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QUEER is (not) DEAD


Finally it’s done!

It took me eight years to complete issue #3:
TROUBLE X – queer is (not) dead.
„because sometimes staying alive is enough“.

Come and celebrate the release with me with my biggest exhibition so far. @Transtagung München, May. 5th – 8th.

It will also be the first chance to read my new comic on „support/help“ as well as the last opportunity to purchase some of the very last and long kept to myself 10 screenprinted posters of my first TROUBLE X exhibition ever.

I‘ll put the comic and the whole zine online (for free download) when I come back. If you want a free copy you can print it out yourself then or order it via e- or snail-mail. I‘m taking orders right now but might need some time (until after the council) to reply. Costs are within germany 1,-€ and outside germany 3,20€ for the postal fee.

t@trouble-x.info or yori.gagarim@googlemail.com

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