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October 14 2019

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don't forget the third arm in the top right.. using it both ways..
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I’m trying the Socratic method on my anxiety this morning

M. Should we accomplish this task today as planned?

A. No, no, not today.

M. Ah, very well! Earlier in the week we had determined that today was an optimal day for accomplishing this task, but it seems we were mistaken. How unfortunate. For my own instruction, may I ask what new information has come to light?

A. I’m scared

M. Oh! Say no more! Clearly being scared is a good and sufficient reason not to attempt a task! Shall we cower in bed all day instead? We are not at all scared to do that!

A. Shut up it’s not– it’s just– I’d have to do this other thing first…

M. Indeed! And that other thing is demonstrably impossible!

A. It’s not impossible

M. But it is a sufficient reason for us to put off this desirable accomplishment.

A. I mean it’s not just THAT thing, there’s LOTS of hard and scary things involved–

M. And we are completely incapable of accomplishing anything hard or scary! You have convinced me!


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Google account may have suspended for using NewPipe

it's probably best do avoid having NewPipe installed on a device that is logged into Google.

then again, the threads points out some signs this could be a hoax. the suspension message may have been unusually specific, and noone but OP confirmed it. overall it seems like a very drastic move on Google's side.

but since i recommended NewPipe here, i thought i should keep you up to date..

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is there any fic about that millennia-old guy who goes around educating people by asking them leading questions and then beheading them?

you know, the socratic methos

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milk in norway
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October 13 2019

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